Total Recall lady two weeks

The Crazy 1990 Total Recall Movie and Remake

Strap into the Rekall memory implant chair with Bill and Chad as they remember the wholesale madness of the Total Recall movies.

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A couple of other movie remakes and reboots like James Bond, Blade Runner and Peter Jackson’s King Kong are also injected into the conversation, and we also remember the wider work of that crazy Dutch filmmaker Paul Verhoeven. We hope you enjoy the ride!

Produced and edited by William Hunter.

Your Nerdstalkers:
William Hunter, who is a writer and also the End Boss of oft-cited videogame history website The Dot Eaters.

And Chad Love, who is a writer, an accomplished musician and the creator of Canadian Culture Thing.

Video Sources:
Total Recall, 1990
And Then There Were None, 1945
Dr. No, 1962
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, 1997
Blade Runner, 1982
Blade Runner 2049, 2017
Total Recall, 2012
Showgirls, 1995
Robocop, 1987
Basic Instinct, 1992
Dark Star, 1974
King Kong, 1933
King Kong, 2005

Audio podcast originally broadcast Feb 29, 2016

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