Star Trek Enterprise versus Star Wars Destroyer

Taking on the Big Two: Star Wars vs. Star Trek

In this inaugural episode of the Nerdstalking video podcast, we tackle the big two of nerd culture: Star Wars and Star Trek. Our fiery panel of obsessive nerds goes on about the then-upcoming Star Wars film The Force Awakens, and we adhere to nerd equal time laws by also talking about Star Trek, from TOS to the J.J. Abrams Trek and beyond!

Produced and edited by William Hunter

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Your Nerdstalkers:
William Hunter, who is a writer and also the End Boss of oft-cited videogame history website The Dot Eaters.

And Chad Love, who is a writer, an accomplished musician and the creator of Canadian Culture Thing.

Special Guests:
Laura Sheppard
Jacqueline Pillon, actor, appearing on Fugget About It on Adult Swim

with Special Geekspeaker Duh Boss

Audio podcast originally broadcast Nov. 29, 2015.

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