Ep. 026 No need to get petty about Last Jedi

Bill and Chad serve up roasted Porgs and fresh lounging sea creature milk with their in-depth breakdown of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  Does Episode VIII add momentum to the sequel trilogy and tee fans up for Ep. IX? Listen and find out!

We start out, though, giving our thoughts on the Netflix original TV series The Punisher. Frank Castle in the hizz-ouse!

4 thoughts on “Ep. 026 No need to get petty about Last Jedi

  1. I finally got around to watching The Last Jedi last night. While there were parts that I did quite enjoy, the constant moments of ‘well, they ripped this straight out of [insert previous Star Wars movie here] kept taking me out of it. From having to convince Luke to train her (like Luke did with Yoda in ESB), to Rey trying to turn Kylo Ren during an elevator ride to see the Emperor… Snoke… I mean Snoke… The ‘Strike me down’ moment… Luke basically dying from exhaustion. Yeesh.

    Although, there is one thing that I noticed that nobody else seems to have. Everybody keeps talking about Luke intending to destroy the original Jedi texts, then Yoda actually doing it. Nobody is talking about this:


    The top picture is the books where Rey finds them. That’s Rey’s hand reaching for them. The bottom picture is from the very end of the movie, after the books have been ‘destroyed’. It’s on the Millennium Falcon, while Finn is rummaging through drawers looking for something to help Rose.

    So, does this mean Luke left them on board when he snuck on? Or did the pogs do it? Or perhaps Yoda did it before he destroyed the tree.

    1. I think you’re right, the porgs did it. I can see them, two by two, balancing the books on their heads, shouting the whole time.

      It’s funny about the reverberations from previous Star Wars movies in this one. They did the same thing in The Force Awakens, maybe even more so. But it didn’t seem quite so egregious in that. I think it’s Chad who mentions in this episode that that might be because TFA was saving the franchise from the atrocities of the prequel trilogy, so you tend to give it license to mine from better Star Wars movies. But as they keep doing it more in this one, yeah it wears thin REAL quick.

    2. If you don’t like throw-backs, avoid Ready, Player One. Instead, listen to our scathing tear-down two-parter starting tomorrow. Talk about playing on nostalgia heartstrings!

      1. There’s a difference between ‘throw-backs’ (i.e., making references to previous events in the series) and blatant ripping off. This movie came across as them having no new ideas for Star Wars, simply rehashing and hoping nobody will notice.

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