Batman detective

Batman is the World’s Greatest Dick. Er, Detective.

Born from Detective Comics, Is Batman the World’s Greatest Detective? Or the World’s Greatest Dick?

Fact: Batman started out in ‘Detective Comics’. Fact: The idea of Batman as a sleuthing investigator fell by the wayside in the movies. Fact: They’ve brought back focus on this idea in the new “The Batman” movie with Robert Pattinson. Fact: Dick is another term for Detective and not just clickbait! Fact: I’ve run out of facts. But you can discover more clues dug up by Chad and Bill as they investigate this curious side of the famous Batman character.

Chad and Bill get into the Batman comic book movies, the era of the Adam West Batman and Frank Gorshin Riddler of Batman 66 to the Robert Pattinson Batman and Zoe Kravitz Catwoman of Batman 22.

Video edited by William Hunter
Outro music by Chad Love
Produced by HunterWick Productions
When you’re in your Batmobile, check out the audio versions on Spotify:

William Hunter – writer, and creator of video game history website The Dot Eaters
Chad Love – writer, musician and creator of the Canadian Culture Thing

Check out Chad Love’s music on Spotify:

Social: Instagram @hunterwickproductions

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