Here Comes the Spider-Man Theme Covers: Aerosmith

18 days, 18 goddamn glorious 1967 Spider-Man TV show theme song covers! Because a spider has 8 legs, and if you take the 1 away from 18 you get 8! Here’s Day 3:

Rockers Aerosmith did the 60’s Spider-Man theme song thing for the first theatrical Spidey film in 2002, and a lively tune it is, at that. Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry would later compose the theme to the 1994 Spider-Man animated show, containing some guitar riffs and lyrics that reference the 1967 original. Aerosmith’s version disappointedly never got an official music video, but trust someone on YouTube to cut one for us. Walk this way and we’ll take a look at it:

Swinging in on Day 1 was: Michael Bublé
Swinging in on Day 2 was: The Ramones

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