Ep. 039 – The Critics Were Wrong! A ‘Bright’ Review

Movie critics are people (until A.I. takes over), and sometimes people make terrible mistakes… like atomic weaponry, President Donald Trump, and now the movie reviews for Bright, starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton as a human and orc cop team out to save the world from devious, magical elves. David Ayers’ alternate world buddy-cop film drew heavy fire from critics, but is it deserved? Chad and Bill dive deep to illuminate you on this Netflix original movie. The usual caveat: we give our typical very thorough look at the film and its meanings, so SPOILER ALERT!

Show Notes:
01:23 – 
Did we mention that critics suck?
06:02 – The Suicide Squad effect.
07:58 – More great worldbuilding.
11:51 – The story of Bright.
14:53 – Will Smith is very Will Smith-ish.
18:04 – A character named ‘Serling’.
19:45 – A very ethereal Noomi Rapace.
21:50 – The Ward vs. his Co-Workers scene.
29:53 – The unused wife.
31:55 – Funny scene: Jakoby spills the beans.
35:18 – True Detective is Putin’s favourite show.
38:15 – David Ayers has redeemed himself.
41:14 – Hoping for more stories in this world.
43:18 – Slight digression: Heath Ledger as The Joker.

Thanks for listening!

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