Ep. 042 – ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Gets Bisected (And its Baby Legs Grow Back)

People are asking, “Why make a Han Solo prequel movie?” Disney answers, “Where is the money, Lebowski?” So here we are reviewing a movie that doesn’t really have a reason for existing. Or maybe, it exists so that we can review it! Like we do down below.

Show Notes:
05:05Solo‘s so-low box office performance.
07:37 – So much empty fan service.
08:18 – There’s no reason for this movie to exist.
10:11 – They blew their chance to really inform the character of Han Solo.
15:19 – The fabeled Kessel Run.
19:15 – When Han met Chewie.
22:55 – The weird Lando moment.
27:44 – Is this the Disneyfied Star Wars we all feared?
28:38 – Donald Glover wasn’t that great, but Alden Ehrenreich was pretty good!
31:34 – Mother of Drag-ons.
33:59 – Is Cersei from Game of Thrones a blonde or red-head?
36:22 Trump Blonde, now in the hair-colour aisle.
37:06 – Shitty cinematography.
38:10 – Han definitely shoots first.
39:09 – Lando needs a smaller card hider.
40:07 – Darth Maul and his baby legs.
47:46 – Han was Han for a brief, shining moment.
49:15 – Final verdict.

Thanks for listening!

Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer:

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