Ep. 40: Post-Apocalyptic Films

Killah cockroaches! A new ice-age! Blossoming mushroom clouds! This episode, Bill and Chad crawl out of their underground bunker and survey the blasted and irradiated landscape of post-apocalyptic films. You maniacs! You blew it up!

Show Notes:
01:11 – The end is nigh! The apocalyptic Doug Ford.
02:44 – Chad reveals the horrific political skeleton in his closet.
04:24 – A definition of the term “post-apocalyptic”.
05:45 – Environmental apocalypse: The Lorax.
07:07 – The inevitable zombie apocalypse: 28 Days Later and Dawn of the Dead.
16:17 – Escape from New York.
17:45 – Still trying to get a grip on the meaning of “post-apocalyptic”.
20:45 – A Boy and his Dog.
30:40 – The Mad Max films.
34:48 – Damnation Alley.
39:00 – Snowpiercer.
45:09 – Yet more defining of “post-apocalyptic”.
47:39 – The 70’s Charlton Heston post-apocalyptic cycle.
53:01Mortal Engines.

Thanks for listening!

A Boy and his Dog trailer:

Official video for Tina Turner’s We Don’t Need Another Hero:

Dawn of the Dead (1978) trailer:

Trailer for Mortal Engines:

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