Nerdlog, Supplemental: George Pal Animation

In episode 25 of our podcast, Chad described his discovery of the amazing works of George Pal, who made such SF masterworks as When Worlds Collide and War of the Worlds, to name just a couple. Beyond film epics, Chad also mentioned that he started out as an accomplished animator, although we couldn’t remember at the time what his stop-motion animation technique was named. Well, they were called Puppetoons, and here is a great example of his work. It’s a 1948 theatrical ad for Mounds chocolate bars:

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IMDb Caught in Spider-Man’s Tangled Web

We here at Nerdstalking are plenty excited about the upcoming Marvel/Sony collab on Spider-Man: Homecoming, but I can’t help feeling that IMDb has taken their excitement too far. Call me a J. Jonah Jameson conspiracy theorist, but it seems to me […] You can click on here or the post title to see the whole post.

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