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Ep. 045 – The Bittersweetness of John Candy

There’s a dearth of genuine people in Hollywood; Canadian actor-comedian John Candy was surely one of them. Larger than life on the screen, Candy passed away from a heart attack in 1994. But in his formidalbe wake he left a library of quality movies and television, so in this episode Bill and Chad remember such classics as Uncle Buck, Summer Rental, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, and others.

Show Notes:
03:39  – Uncle Buck.
06:03 – The language of real life.
07:08 – By way of comparison: Uncle Buck vs. Parenthood.
11:38 – Really hits home watching the movie after having kids.
13:56 – Losing John Candy was like losing a close friend.
14:53 – Johnny LaRue
16:04 – The toothpick guy.
18:30 – One problem with Uncle Buck.
19:25 – Planes, Trains and Automobiles.
24:43 – Summer Rental.
30:49 – Stripes.
36:13 – The Great Outdoors. (I meant to say spin cycle, not rinse cycle – Bill)
43:13 – Only the Lonely + the unbearable ‘acting’ of Ally Sheedy.
46:19 – By way of comparison: Molly Ringwald.
49:55 – The Canadian Conspiracy.

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The Canadian Conspiracy on YouTube:

Uncle Buck trailer:

By way of comparison, the inevitable Uncle Buck TV show pilot from 1990, starring Kevin Meaney:

And don’t look now, here’s the pilot of the 2018 Uncle Buck TV reboot:

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