Plunderin’ Jeebus

This “movie” featured one of Chad’s youthful crushes.

A poster of The Pirate Movie, starring Kristy McNichol
Yarrr! There be booty in that sack!

2 thoughts on “Plunderin’ Jeebus

  1. I loved this movie. A number of years ago I found an import copy of it on DVD at HMV but never got around to watching again. I’ve had the soundtrack for ages so thought knew what I was in for. There’s one song that the lovely McNichol sings called “Pumpin’ and Blowin'” which I always thought was unintentionally cheeky. One day I pulled out the movie to watch with my kids…Holy shit! It was one sexual reference after another, the song was entirely intentionally dirty! No wonder I had a crush on Kristy. I stopped the movie at about the 15 minute mark. I find that a tonne of movies I watched as a kid were either restricted or sexually driven and both. It’s funny how the world has changed and we’re so worried about corrupting our kids while in the past it wasn’t much of a thought – yet we’re not corrupted.

    Perhaps the fact that Kristy and Chris Atkins are naked and wrapped in a sheet should have been an obvious indicator.

    Maybe I’ll watch and discuss this instead of Aliens at the next podcast. Thanks for the suggestion, Bill. Musicals it is!

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