Final ‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer Released: Nerdstalking Reacts


Considering the creative shit-kicking the DCU has been taking lately, what with the “Martha”-fied Batman v Superman and tepid-tea Suicide Squad, a lot is riding on Wonder WomanSuicide Squad itself proved that you can’t judge a movie by its kick-ass trailer, but I gotta say I’m feeling great about WW based on what I’ve seen. This latest trailer presents a perfect balance between the epic Game of Thrones feel of the scenes on Themyscira, and the fish-out-of-water stuff in Europe. There’s a little bit there where they’re being attacked and Chris Pine valiantly tells her to “stand back!”, and she proceeds to save him from a bullet with her gauntlet. Great stuff, a perfect tone of undercutting the “male hero” narrative without being preachy. That’s what I’m looking for in a WW movie, and it looks like they’re dealing with those societal comments well. Then a little sting of humour at the end of the trailer, which should alert Ross that maybe DC has learned how humour should work in a superhero film. Can’t wait for June 2nd.


The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. I’d love to believe that Warner Bros./DC have finally figured out how to make an entertaining superhero movie, but every one they’ve made since The Dark Knight (2008) has lacked anything resembling a quality cinematic effort. I’m not asking for wall-to-wall jokes, but Marvel seems to have it figured out. Count me in the camp that is looking forward to this movie, and this trailer goes a long way to adding to its promise, but I still remember Conan The Barbarian which had one of the best trailers of all time yet stunk to high heaven when we saw the final movie. What I loved about this trailer is the set up of Diana’s origins as being mysterious, something I don’t think we’ve seen in a superhero movie before (except for maybe Star-Lord, whose other worldly backstory came at the end of the movie). And the shot of young Diana smiling when her mother says these magical weapons aren’t meant for her perfectly captures the self-determination of this strong character. We’ve seen some great trailers/clips of this movie, so let’s hope Warner Bros. doesn’t screw it up.


The gods gave us many gifts, one of them is Gal Gadot (my new crush)! I’ve been saying it since the first trailer, that the Wonder Woman trailer is better than most of the superhero movies that have come out in the last ten years and maybe at par with the best of them. Gal Gadot faced some real criticism when she was first cast and she seemed to have a good sense of humour about it, citing that most of the complaints she’d heard were about her breasts not being big enough. While they were at it, why didn’t they just complain that she wasn’t wearing a star-studded diaper like Lynda Carter? I hadn’t heard of this actress until her WW casting yet she’s the only good seven minutes of Barfman v Stuperman. Let’s face it, she is sure to steal the show in Justice League. How could she not? She simply has to be in any scene with the angsty Superwhiner, the emo Batwhiner, the nerdy Flashwhiner (oh, why don’t I have any friends?), the angsty Cyborg (they’ll fix you all right, they fix everything.) the chest-beating angsty Aqua-Conan, or the angsty Mr. Terrific (didn’t know he was in the Justice League now, did you? Spoiler!) to steal the show with one half-smile. Let’s face it, fans of these characters are usually more satisfied when the characters are smiling than when they’re growling. Christian Bale has more negative impersonations of his growl than Adam West ever got of his silly dance and don’t get me started on the MARTHAAAAAA‘s! But, EVERYONE loves Guardians of the Galaxy, right? The new Wonder Woman film is going to have some great action as well as some laughs that will fit into the context of a character who, even though she is out of her element, is confident enough to adapt while her intelligence will allow her to find the absurdity in our world. Having said that, releasing and 2-hour extended cut trailer isn’t really necessary but I still can’t wait until June 2, 2017.

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