Nerdstalking Video: Is the Creepy New Pennywise from ‘IT’ Too Creepy?

With the release of the new teaser trailer for IT, the new film adaptation of Stephen King’s iconic novel about a group of outcast kids who take on a shapeshifting monster living in the sewers under their town, Bill takes a hard look at the new version of the killer clown from the story. Can scary …

Nerdstalking Logan Video Review

The Nerdstalking team hit the mean streets of Toronto after seeing Logan to discuss the film and then to the pub. Click on the post to watch the video.

Final ‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer Released: Nerdstalking Reacts

Bill: Considering the creative shit-kicking the DCU has been taking lately, what with the “Martha”-fied Batman v Superman and tepid-tea Suicide Squad, a lot is riding on Wonder Woman. Suicide Squad itself proved that you can’t judge a movie by its kick-ass trailer, but I gotta say I’m feeling great about WW based on what I’ve seen. This latest …

Farewell to Bill Paxton, Gone at 61

One of the joys of watching James Cameron’s thrill-ride movie Aliens is Bill Paxton’s full-throated portrayal of Colonial Marine soldier Pvt. William Hudson. Always one to volunteer others for a dangerous mission instead of doing it himself or whining constantly about hardships faced, Hudson lends even more realism to an already heavily grounded science fiction/horror movie: …

To CGI Leia, or Not to CGI Leia

It’s not really a question. Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the pixelled slings and motion-captured arrows of outrageous special effects, or take arms against a sea of computer-generated actors… aye, there’s the rub(ber eraser icon used to delete wrinkles).

Star Trek Online Materializes Onto Consoles

If you’re like me and video game inclined, you might be interested in the fact that the MMO Star Trek Online is now available on the Xbox One and PS4. I played it quite extensively on the computer (on my Mac, no less), and found it very fun to play. For a game that throws …

Here’s my first VO job… (I’m the first and last)

Here’s my first VO job (2014) by B.Side “Mister Speaker” and “Order” (essentially I’m talking to myself)

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