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Ep. 024 For Those about to Thor: Ragnarok

What rhymes with 24? Sore, gore, humidor… but also Thor, the God of Thunder! Gaze in breathless wonder, as minor deities Bill and Chad give their takes on the Marvel superhero extravaganza Thor: Ragnarok. What is Jeff Goldblum smoking? What’s the deal with Thor’s hair? Exactly how “big” is Hulk? Your noble quest for answers lies within Episode 24 of Nerdstalking, along with some talk of Stranger Things 2, The Punisher, and American Horror Stories.

2 thoughts on “Ep. 024 For Those about to Thor: Ragnarok

  1. It’s me again, Margaret.

    ela, in both the comics and mythology, is Loki’s daughter.

    Green is a color Hela wore in the comics, as well.

    There were aspects from both Planet Hulk (Sakaar) and Contest of Champions. You’re right, it’s mostly CoC, but they clearly cribbed from PH, too.

    Thor threw lightning in Avengers, too, in the scene where he was blasting the Chitari during the big battle at the end.

    Thor didn’t die to create a female Thor, he became ‘unworthy’ and was unable to life Mjolnir. Jane Foster, former nurse and love interest for Thor, lifted the hammer and became Thor. The series has been hit-and-miss. Sometimes it works really well, other times it’s seriously heavy-handed. They are currently going through her ‘final’ story line as Thor, though. They’ve leaked that she dies, but this *is* the comic universe, so…

    Carol Danvers as one of the best characters? Is he on drugs? The most interesting she’s ever been was when she was raped by her own son in order to give birth to him. Especially in the more recent comics, she’s been written as a jack-booted, “I’m always right”, giant hypocrate who’s still getting an immense push. It kind of reminds me of Tony Stark in the comics was such a complete scumbag douche and wasn’t popular at all until Robert Downey, Jr played him. It’s almost as if they’re trying the same thing with Carol Danvers.

  2. Thanks for your input, Dan. We appreciate it.

    Good to know that Thor’s lightning throwing didn’t just come out of a clear blue sky (yuk yuk yuk).

    That’s interesting about Jane Foster, perhaps Natalie Portman will eventually become Thor in the MCU?

    Hopefully they do smooth out the rough edges of Carol Danvers in the MCU. Or, maybe not!

    Again, thanks for listening and writing in!

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