Ep. 025 Dissing the DC Bleakaverse!

Sure, DC movies have had some hard knocks over recent years, but at least they warned us that Kevin Spacey is, in fact, a real diabolical menace! The two Nerdstalking evil geniuseses Bill and Chad take a journey into Zack Snyder/Joss Whedon’s darkened treatise on super friendship, Justice League, and lo and behold they find that there’s light at the end of the DC tunnel after all! Plus some talk on the first series of TV’s Star Trek: Discovery, and Chad relates his wondrous discovery of the films of SF movie extravaganza pioneer George Pal.

2 thoughts on “Ep. 025 Dissing the DC Bleakaverse!

  1. Poor Aquaman always gets the short end of the stick. He has super strength, but not to the same level as Superman. He has super speed, but not to the level of Flash. He has super durability, but not to the same level as Superman. He can’t fly, but he can leap giant buildings in a single bound (he can cover miles per jump). He has telepathy, but not to the level of Martian Manhunter. Really, his biggest weakness is that he’s always on teams with other people with similar powers, but more.

    I agree that the CG for Steppenwolf was horrible. I wish they would have done something closer to how he looks in the comics, but nothing would have looked good with that CG.

    I know you guys keep saying that DC cribbed the Flash speed scenes from Fox’s Quicksilver, but Fox cribbed that from the Flash comics. Quicksilver has never had those scenes in the comics, but during Wally West’s massive run as Flash, they were very common place.

    Oh, and Darkseid isn’t a copy of Thanos, but rather the other way around. Darkseid appeared years before Thanos, and Starlin was directly, specifically ordered to create a Darkseid clone in Thanos.

    As for ‘super-sized villains’, I want to see Master Mind. Granted, he’s a Captain Marvel (Shazam) villain, but it would definitely address the ‘giant villain’ issue…

    Once again, DC isn’t cribbing the Tesseract. Motherboxes predate Infinity Stones, of which the Tesseract is one. The Tesseract is the Space Gem, and doesn’t have remotely the level of power that you guys describe it as having. You’d have to have all five of the Inifinty Stones to do that. Motherboxes are generic ‘do-all’ tools for the New Gods (both good and bad), including travel across space. The whole ‘Cyborg is powered by a Mother Box’ is relatively new, since the Nu-52 reboot.

    As for who’s faster, Flash or Superman: They’ve raced several times in the comics, and there are panels of Superman *claiming* that he’s had victories against both Barry Allen and Wally West, those claims are typically answered with “Those were for charity” and a prompt boom of Flash leaving Superman in the dust. The closest to a win that Superman’s ever had in a race was when Barry and Clark learned a bunch of mobsters were running betting houses on the outcome, so they rigged a tie between them.

    Anywho, keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for writing, Dan.

    From what I’m seeing these days, the Steppenwolf in the comics is rocking a goatee like Stark so that might put the kibosh on that look for DC.

    Having said that, my knowledge of these characters comes from their cinematic universes, so all I really see is Quicksilver having done these speed sequences in X-Men, and how similar their use for Flash in Justice League.

    Thanks for the refresher on the Tesseract and the Infinity Stones. Chad is formulating a video that gives a rundown for people of what the Infinity Stones represent, coming soon.

    And again, thanks for writing, and listening!

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