Millennium Falcon from Star Wars Solo Movie

Ep 029 Solo=Meh Deadpool=Yay

Bill and Chad can’t conceal that they have a bad feeling about Solo following the first trailers for the next Star Wars story, then Chad hooks us up with a breakdown of the much-anticipated character Cable, soon to light up screens in the upcoming Deadpool 2. Tune in, turn on and drop everything and listen!

Show Notes:
00:08 – Premiering the new Nerdstalking theme!
02:06 – The start of our Solo talk.
19:38 – We talk about the hilarious Deadpool 2 trailers.
22:25 – The start of our discussion of Cable. Who is this Cable guy?
32:30 – The powers of Cable.
37:12 – How will Cable fit into Deadpool 2?
40:11 – Demollition Man: A Retrospective.

Thanks for listening!

Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer –
Deadpool 2 Teaser Trailer –
Moss buys some women’s slacks on The IT Crowd:
Deadpool 2 “Wet on Wet” Trailer –
Demolition Man Trailer –

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One thought on “Ep 029 Solo=Meh Deadpool=Yay

  1. Bright isn’t about aliens, it’s orcs and elves and magic and shit. Imagine Lord of the Rings took place 4000 years ago, and the orcs and elves stuck around afterwards, melding into human society. That’s the setting for Bright. Will Smith’s partner is an orc. The Bright universe was more interesting to me than the actual movie. While I did enjoy the movie and would watch a Bright 2, I think I’d rather see other movies set in the universe.

    The X-Men didn’t really ‘hit’ until Giant-Sized X-Men in 1975 (I think). That’s when most of the originals are ‘dead’ and they introduce Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler (my personal favorite X-Men character), Colossus, and Thunderbird (who dies fairly quickly for shock value, though he’s in the tv show ‘The Gifted’ now, so I guess there’s that).

    Cable was sent to the future because he was infected by a virus that was created by Apocalypse. I can’t remember the specifics, but I think it’s because Cable was / is destined to kill Pooky some day. The virus was incurable in ‘present day’, but could be managed in the future.

    I wouldn’t call Cable a ‘do-gooder’, at least not by traditional standards. He’s from an apocalyptic future and came back to try and prevent it. He’s basically Kyle Reese. The reason he’s fought so many heroes (like Captain America) is that his methods often put him at odds with other heroes, including the Avengers and the traditional X-Men teams. The best way to describe his relationship with the X-Men would be to say Cable is to the X-Men what the Punisher is to the Avengers.

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