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Ep. 038 – ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Deep Review

Bill and Chad felt the hairs on their arms stand up, heeded the call, and ran to the theatre with everyone else in the world to watch the culmination of 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and 18 previous superhero flicks – Avengers: Infinity War. What’s with Cap’s beard? Can a CGI character make you cry? Is this the end of our intrepid heroes? Assemble around your podcast player of choice and join the Nerdstalking team as they drill down into the biggest cinematic event ever! WARNING: as usual for a Nerdstalking movie review, we examine many facets of the film and don’t skirt around plot points to give the most thorough, honest review. So SPOILERS ASSEMBLE!

Show Notes:
02:23 – Your heroes are only as good as your villains.
04:05 – Can a Thanos make you cry? Yes he can.
05:35 – Confusing motivations with Thanos: Movie v Comics.
09:25 – A supremely weird ending.
10:52 – Where’s Hawkeye?
12:41 – Avengers MVP: Thor.
15:41 – A better Wakanda than the Black Panther Wakanda.
17:28 – Why does Black Panther do that cross-your-arms thing?
18:58 – Doctor Strange.
20:40 – Thanos has good backup.
21:50 – Spider-Man continues to be great.
24:37 – Hulk impotence.
27:37 – Some digressions: Robocop.
30:07 – Ready Player One: the book.
30:55 – Donald Trump.
34:24 – Another great Thanos moment.
37:43 – The Vision and Scarlet Which love story.
40:03 – This movie is an amazing achievement.
45:08 – Thor’s new eye.
48:37 – Our final verdict.

Thanks for listening!

Avengers: Infinity War trailer:

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One thought on “Ep. 038 – ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Deep Review

  1. Captain Marvel is confirmed to be set in the 90’s.

    Ant Man and the Wasp is confirmed to take place between Captain America: Civil War and Infinity War.

    Deadpool 2 is in Fox’s X-Men universe, not the MCU. The same is true for the Dark Phoenix. So, no Infinity War damage here.

    Silver and Black is assumed to be part of the MCU, but we don’t even know who’s playing Black Cat and Silver Sable, let alone when it’s set or who else is going to be in it.

    Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse is a cg movie centered around Miles Morales. While Miles is currently in the standard 616 universe (the main Marvel universe), he didn’t start there. There’s nothing to suggest it’ll be tied to the MCU. In fact, with Jake Johnson confirmed to play an older Peter Parker, it’s pretty much a guarantee that it won’t be MCU, and thus unaffected by Infinity War.

    While reports have suggested that Venom *could* be in the Homecoming world (thus, affected by Infinity War), it hasn’t been confirmed.

    So, really, the only movies that *could* be affected by Infinity War are Silver and Black and Venom, and neither of those have actually been confirmed to take place in the MCU.

    I loved the podcast, guys. I just thought I’d pipe in with this bit of info as I’m playing catch-up on your podcasts.

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