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Ep 028 We Declaw Black Panther

We declaw the Black Panther movie.

At the expense of causing fur to fly, Bill and Chad smell something pretty bad in the kitty litter as they do an extensive break-down of the 2018 Black Panther movie from Marvel. Try not to get scratched as you listen! As usual, we examine lots of details of the movie to cover all the bases with our assessment of it, so THERE BE SPOILERS!

Show Notes:

3:00 – We confront the white colonizer elephant in the room.
6:25 – Shortchanging Wakanda
10:55 – Missing impressive set-pieces
16:53 – No buttons at the end of any scene.
22:40 – Talk of not-so-special effects.
26:52 – Female empowerment.
30:45 – The Boko Haram scene.
33:21 – White boys.
38:35 – Weak motivations.
42:23 – Summing up.

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Your Nerdstalkers:

Bill Hunter – writer, and creator of video game history website The Dot Eaters

Chadwick Gendron – writer, musician and creator of the Canadian Culture Thing

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Ep. 023 Remembering Jim Carrey’s Funny Years

Remember when Jim Carrey was funny? We do, along with a breakdown of the Captain Marvel comic book character, and a discussion of why things always end up sucking. All in this detours episode of Nerdstalking!

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Nerdstalking Podcast Ep. 021

In this episode of Nerdstalking, we respond to a message from listener BlueIncandesence, who had some issues with our breakdown of the Wonder Woman movie in Ep. 20. Other topics we cover include Bill arguing against the existence of a god, the firing of Phil Lord and Chris Miller from the Han Solo, uh, solo movie, the 35th anniversary of the original Tron, the demise of Batman’s Adam West, and more. Then there’s a big SPOILER ALERT for our in-depth breakdown of Spider-Man: Homecoming, what we liked and disliked, and our favourite moments from the film.

Show Notes:
01:27 – We answer listener email about our Wonder Woman episode.
12:53 – Nerdly News: Chris Miller and Phil Lord canned from Solo, TRON anniversary, Hellboy reboot, the passing of TV’s Batman star Adam West, OMNI magazine reboot, Daniel Craig signs on for BOND 25.
32:35 – We start our review of Spider-Man: Homecoming.
40:29 – Spider-Man film as John Hughes comedy.
50:28 – Movie gives good MJ.
55:02 – The great Michael Keaton.
1:11:25 – Captain America as high-school health instructor.
1:16:02 – Tony Stark: Biggest douche ever.
1:24:16 – Peter Parker’s hilarious buddy.

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Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0D3AOldjMU
Chad’s Spider-Man theme song – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89eHN9Uyzds
Michael Giacchino’s official theme song from Spider-Man: Homecoming – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PeX8TkHN6mE

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Bill Hunter – writer, and creator of video game history website The Dot Eaters

Chadwick Gendron – writer, musician and creator of the Canadian Culture Thing

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Nerdstalking Podcast Ep. 020

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Bill had a lot of problems with the 2017 ‘Wonder Woman’ film; Chad, not so much. We don our satin tights and fight for our rights to complain in the Nerdstalking review of this important DC film. There’s no ‘Nerdly News’ segment this episode; we smash right through the window and tackle the movie without delay.


New ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Trailer Out

Whatever Marvel paid to use Zeppelin’s ‘The Immigrant Song’ in a Thor trailer, it was money well spent. Click on the post to see trailer:

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Nerdstalking Podcast Ep. 018

Now that the dust has settled, we dissect the latest King Kong film and consider its place in the wider world of Kong movies. We also throw Aquaman under the boat in our discussion of the ‘Justice League’ trailer and take a trip to the Satellite of Love in anticipation of the new version of ‘Mystery Science Theatre 3000’.

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Nerdstalking Podcast Ep. 015

Death Star from Rogue One A Star Wars Story

Where we celebrate (and vilify) the highs (and lows) of 2016. We update previous Nerdstalking topics such as ‘Batman v Superman’, ‘The Twilight Zone’ and Stephen King, and pick at the scabs left by the many celebrity deaths of 2016 including Carrie Fisher. To top things off, we put the “Death” in “Death Star” with …

Nerdstalking Podcast

Nerdstalking Podcast Ep. 014

Dr. Strange from the Marvel comic book movie

Where we review the many dimensions of Marvel’s latest superhero flick, featuring the Master of the Mystic Arts. We start off though talking about America’s latest supervillain, Donald Trump, the ‘Wonder Woman’ movie, the announcement of the Nintendo Switch game console, the ‘Lego Batman Movie’, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2: Electric Boogaloo’, Chad’s run-in with …

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Nerdstalking YouTube Teaser for Suicide Squad Episode

Like using your eyeballs when you listen to podcasts? Then check out this clip from our Episode 9, complete with visuals. Enjoy, and remember: We’re the bad guys.

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Nerdstalking Podcast Ep. 009

**BIG SPOILERS FOR SUICIDE SQUAD AND OTHER DC/MARVEL PROPERTIES** Where the Nerdstalking panel dissects Suicide Squad, Ross takes on Mike Tyson, Chad disses the Yugo and special guest Evan props up the crumbling DC movie empire. The Panel: Bill Hunter, Creator of The Dot Eaters: Video Game History 101 www.thedoteaters.com Chad Gendron, Screenwriter and Pop-Culture …