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Chad’s Detour Ep.12 Visual Aids: Elvis and a Cake in the Rain


Nerdstalking Podcast

Nerdstalking Podcast Ep. 012

Where Chad flashes his “#1 Elvis Fan” badge, Ross waxes on – waxes off, Jacquie shouts from her Wookie treehouse, Bill plays the Fall Guy and Ross and Chad leave their cake out in the rain. Click and enjoy!


Plague On a Train!

Still obsessed with hard-partyin’ Irish actor Richard Harris, who’s dulcet singing voice gets a mention in the next Nerdstalking episode, due for imminent release. Here he is in the trailer for The Cassandra Crossing, by all accounts a terrible disaster film but still one of my biggest guilty pleasures. Ridiculous, sure, but also star-studded and full …


Someone Left Their Wand Out in the Rain….

We reference the great Richard Harris and his foray into music in Episode 12, posting very soon to Nerdstalking.