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Hey everybody! Now I know everyone just loves our HunterWick content, award-winning doncha-know, but don’t ask for proof! ALTERNATE FACTS! And so we’re reaching out because we’re on a drive to reach a 1500 Subscribers as we transition from Nerdstalking to the New and Improved HunterWick VideoPodcast. Swing by HunterWick on YouTube and be sure …

Colossus vs Robocop “There will be Trouble”

Papa, Can You Build a Snowman?

Alicia Vikander is from Sweden

Bill and Chad showing off their Cryptocurrency Loot!

Benny Hill helps Black Panther chase Winter Soldier

Nerdstalking Trailer 2018

Bullshit Cable Origin

Deadpool apologizes to David Beckham

The Marvel Bunch!

Creepshow Movie Tie-In Magazine

Need some Cable Installed?

Chad’s Justice League Song

Chad hypothesizes the Justice League film in song! We’ve seen it now and his prophetic words are eerily Nostradamus-like. Look for his upcoming song prophesying the next hundred-years of Popes! “…And in the year 2024 Donald Trump Junior will contribute greatly to the Vatican’s ivory collection and will be appointed Pope Trump!”

Deadpool 2 “Wet on Wet” Teaser!

Chad’s Thorough Thor Tutorial is Here!

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