Chad’s Detour Ep.12 Visual Aids: Elvis and a Cake in the Rain


Elvis with his Memphis Mafia of deputized Memphis Law Enforcers 1970.

Elvis worked hard to hone his skills as a Karate Master and often incorporated karate into his performances.
Elvis meeting President Richard Nixon in December 1970. Elvis brought Nixon a a Colt .45 pistol mounted in a display case that Elvis had plucked off the wall of his Los Angeles mansion. Nixon, in turn, gave Elvis a DEA badge.
The Colt .45 pistol mounted in a display case that Elvis gave to Richard Nixon.
Dr. George C. Nichopoulos, known as Dr. Nick was responsible for overprescribing for the King which ultimately led to his death on August 16, 1977. Acquitted of murder charges brought against him in 1980 of prescribing over 10,000 doses to Elvis in 1977 alone, he would finally, in 1990, lose his license permanently. On right, Dr. Nick from the Simpsons, another terrible physician.

A bottle of Chianti, known for it’s rattan cover and popular in the 1970’s as a makeshift candle-holder.

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  1. I was going to but I figured I would save it for the upcoming Easter Cannibal Serial Killer Episode.

  2. Very well, no one can say I’m selfish. I’ve buckled to my fan(s) and updated the necessary visual aids. I give and give and give…

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