Someone Left Their Wand Out in the Rain….

We reference the great Richard Harris and his foray into music in Episode 12, posting very soon to Nerdstalking.

These Are the Stories…

I’m currently reading the adaptations of the original Star Trek episodes by James Blish, and quite enjoying them. They pare down a lot of superfluous stuff and add some interesting colour to the characters. This one in particular has a fascinating take on the original Trek pilot The Cage, later given a framing story and aired …

Star Trek Online Materializes Onto Consoles

If you’re like me and video game inclined, you might be interested in the fact that the MMO Star Trek Online is now available on the Xbox One and PS4. I played it quite extensively on the computer (on my Mac, no less), and found it very fun to play. For a game that throws …

Two Easily Impersonated Icons Collide

Why did Elvis go to meet Nixon? We discuss the ramifications in Ep. 12 of Nerdstalking, coming soon.

I Never Spent Much Time in School, But I’ve Taught Ladies Plenty

A taste of the subjects covered in the upcoming Detours episode of Nerdstalking. A-hey hey!

Nerdstalking Podcast Ep. 011

Where Bill and Ross gleefully examine the most influential TV series of all time, while Chad spends his spare time during the episode building an Enterprise model out of hot dogs and baloney. The Panel: Bill Hunter, Creator of The Dot Eaters: Video Game History 101 Chad Gendron, Screenwriter and Pop-Culture Expert at Canadian …

Nerdstalking YouTube Teaser for Suicide Squad Episode

Like using your eyeballs when you listen to podcasts? Then check out this clip from our Episode 9, complete with visuals. Enjoy, and remember: We’re the bad guys.

Nerdstalking Podcast Ep. 009

**BIG SPOILERS FOR SUICIDE SQUAD AND OTHER DC/MARVEL PROPERTIES** Where the Nerdstalking panel dissects Suicide Squad, Ross takes on Mike Tyson, Chad disses the Yugo and special guest Evan props up the crumbling DC movie empire. The Panel: Bill Hunter, Creator of The Dot Eaters: Video Game History 101 Chad Gendron, Screenwriter and Pop-Culture …

Nerdstalking YouTube Teaser Batman v Superman

For those of you more visually inclined, you can watch this excerpt of Ep. 5, with video included. Enjoy, and remember: Martha won’t die tonight!

Nerdstalking Podcast Ep. 006

**BIG SPOILERS FOR VARIOUS STEPHEN KING BOOKS AND MOVIES** Where Bill pontificates about the Master of Horror, Ross shares his fear of clowns, and Laura gets out the wooden block and sledgehammer. The Panel: Bill Hunter, Writer at Fandom, Creator of The Dot Eaters: Video Game History 101 Laura Sheppard, Social Media Darling Ross …

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