Star Trek Online Materializes Onto Consoles

If you’re like me and video game inclined, you might be interested in the fact that the MMO Star Trek Online is now available on the Xbox One and PS4. I played it quite extensively on the computer (on my Mac, no less), and found it very fun to play. For a game that throws a pretty wide net, dealing with every Trek timeline including TOS, TNG, Voyager, DS9, the movies and reboots, it has a consistent Trek feel to it. Whether you’re battling the Dominion or dodging Tribbles, you’ll know you’re in the Star Trek universe. It has a pretty solid ground game, and the space battles with dozens of capital ships firing phaser arrays and spitting photon torpedoes feels majestic and important.

If you’re also like me and tend to feel MMO’s overly complicated, the console versions of STO drastically pares down the amount of icons and other things you need to deal with. To Star Trek Online I say, Live Long and Prosper!

Space battle in the video game Star Trek Online

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