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Here Comes the Spider-Man Theme Covers: The Ramones

18 days, 18 goddamn glorious 1967 Spider-Man TV show theme song covers! Because a spider has 8 legs, and if you take the 1 away from 18 you get 8! Here’s Day 2:

Now 50 years old, the animation in the 60’s Spider-Man TV show was pretty rough, done in a shoe-string limited animation style to save money. So a jangly Ramones cover of the theme song seems just perfectly apropos. The song showed up as a hidden track on their 1995 farewell studio album ¡Adios Amigos!, as well as the 1996 live album We’re Outta Here! Here is the awesome video for the song as it aired on MTV. Yes kids, MTV once played music videos:

Swinging in on Day 1 was: Michael Bublé


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