18 days, 18 goddamn glorious 1967 Spider-Man TV show theme song covers! Because a spider has 8 legs, and if you take the 1 away from 18 you get 8! Here’s Day 7:

I’m sure that, in his swingin’ 60’s cartoon, Spider-Man came across his share of large, black, bowling-ball-shaped bombs with large fizzing fuses on the top. So a 1997 Bomberman 64 ad parodying the theme song isn’t too much of a stretch. It’s not a cover, per se, but I got a bang out of it. Again, I’ll show myself the door.

Swinging in on Day 1 was: Michael Bublé
Swinging in on Day 2 was: The Ramones
Swinging in on Day 3 was: Aerosmith
Swinging in on Day 4 was: Moxy Früvous
Swinging in on Day 5 was: Fuego Indio
Swinging in on Day 6 was: Stikky

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