Ep. 033 – Animated Movie Classic ‘Heavy Metal’

Chad and Bill take a look back at a cult movie classic: the animated epic Heavy Metal. We examine its impact over the years, and break it down segment by segment. Smoke a bowl and join us on a fantastic magical mystery ride (with boobs!).

Show Notes:
04:05 – The ultimate stoner movie.
08:18 – What does it all mean?
12:13 – Captain Sternn’s Hanover Fiste as Paul Ryan.
14:54 – The movie’s magazine roots.
16:22 – Elon Musk: Big fan of Heavy Metal.
17:00 – Explanation of the central plot.
18:20 – Death rays and taxi cabs.
19:32 – A look at the Den sequence.
21:16 – So Beautiful, So Dangerous, and so much plutonium nyborg.
23:54 – STERNN!!!
27:24 – B-17.
32:08 – The deep impact of Heavy Metal.
32:50 – Help Chad kill a singer.

Thanks for listening!

Trailer for Heavy Metal – 
Soft Landing sequence from the movie, with Elon Musk’s Spaceman edited in:
Oliver Jewellers TV ad: “The Cashman” – https://youtu.be/NSQVVHyvOZU

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