Ep. 041 – Pump the Hate Brakes, it’s our ‘Deadpool 2’ Review!

For the love of Yentl, please take some time and listen to our review of Deadpool 2, starring the most potty-mouthed Marvel superhero after Logan, pre-impalement. You’ll totter on baby legs, gasp at the X-Force’s first mission, and laugh all the way to the Xavier mansion. Two disclaimers: We had an audio glitch for the first bit of the podcast, and we explore every nook and cranny of Deadpool and his movie, so SPOILER ALERT!

Show Notes:
– Baby legs!
02:26 – Better pop-culture references than Ready Player One.
06:44 – A whole crap-load of heart.
12:20 – What happens to the X-Force.
15:16 – Nega Longest-Name-Ever.
18:26 – Audio fixed, all that 4th wall breaking.
20:03 – For the love of Yentl.
22:26 – Them’s the jokes!
27:27 – Oh, Domino.
32:58 – Logan musical figurine, live!
35:09 – Better car chase than Black Panther.
38:00 – Some of Bill’s patented nit-picks.
44:10 – Quick news bits: Mysterio in Homecoming 2, waiting for Solo.

Thanks for listening!

Deadpool 2 trailer:

Chad’s Bullshit Origin Story for Cable:

Deadpool 2, The First 10 Years:

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Deadpool apologizes to David Beckham

‘Deadpool 2’ Official Trailer

Is it Deadpool’s non-stop stream of hilarious quips? Is it the copious ass-kicking? Is it the chutzpah of Deadpool ripping off the plot of Logan (must protect a mutant kid)? No, it’s the fact that they stole Chad’s joke from our podcast, where he said filmmakers always lose their way with the third movie in a series. Anyhoo, enjoy the vision of restraint and good taste that is the official Deadpool 2 trailer:

Need some Cable Installed?

Deadpool 2 “Wet on Wet” Teaser!

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